During winter 2018 and spring 2019, I was finishing my practical training in Iceland. I find this job from a European Chinese website. I worked in an travel agency, and my work was to finish those things related to the market. I really like tourism, so I immediately applied. I think this is a good choice for me to experience tourism related work and find out is it a suitable type of job for me to do after graduation.

I went to Iceland one week before the work start. Our boss let me to follow a tour group in company’s products. He want me to deep know about company’s tourism product content and routes. It would help me in the next product promotion in the market. As a customer to experience the company’s products, to feel the product in order to better improve and promote the product. From the customer’s point of view to improve the product, it is possible to make our products better attract customers and achieve customer expectations.

At the beginning of internship period, I just follow the marketing manager to understand the market dynamics of similar products and boldly envision future product development trends based on changes in market information (Imagining future products). Make sales forecasts and propose future market analysis, development direction and planning. On the other hand, investigating existing and potential customers’ product selection directions and travel needs.

After two months, I start to design new travel routes. According to the travel demand, travel routes has been divide into two part. One is travel experience, the other one is service experience. Travel experience is more inclined to young travelers, or travelers who have limited travel budgets. Then this travel route is relatively affordable, the itinerary is also relatively compact. Service experience route mainly focus on those customers who want to get premium services during the trip. Those customers’s whole journey of travel will live in a luxury hotel and the cost of travel is relatively expensive. Of course, their travel itinerary is not very compact, more time to relax and enjoy the service. In other words, on the same route, the travel experience route may take only 4 days to complete, but the service experience route may take 6 days or more

Internship can help us deepen our understanding of career to find a turly  interest career in the future. This internship allowed me to learn a lot of things and also allowed me to determine the direction of my job search after graduation.

Lastly, the scenery in Iceland is really beautiful. If you have the chance, you must take a look.