The whole summer 2019 I spent in Russia making my internship as Sales Manager Trainee in the big company called Tetra LLC. Tetra is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of paper products such as napkins, paper towels, paper straws and paper disposable tableware in the Moscow region. During my internship, I gained lots of practical experience which I will be able to apply in my future career. I had a chance to see every step in a value chain process of the final product and participate in it within my areas of responsibility, which I luckily had a chance to variate, change and combine to get the best out of it. This internship showed me how the theory works in practice – how difficult the production of the simplest final product is, how many people are required for the appropriate result and through which instruments and activities all the operations are carried – and of course taught me how to work with it correctly, which details should be taken into account first and how to deal with unexpected accidents and critical situations. Throughout my practical training I got to know the processes more realistically, figured out how to deal with commonly used software, broader my vision and finally felt which knowledges I gained through JAMK courses and how valuable and useful they are.

Author: Ekaterina Kholodova