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I have been working at Processing Services Ltd for the last 3 months and a half, from the beginning of August till the middle of November. I have learned and developed a lot after this practical period, both professionally and personally.

Processing Services Ltd is a newly established company doing outsourcing services in processing application for American clients in student loan repayment plan. Company Overview: Our company works to ensure that consumers understand their options to manage their student loans in a confusing market and provides peace of mind that loans stay current to avoid loan default. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction and achieving the best results

I belong to the first generation of the company. Initially, there were two big teams: team Vinh and team Galaxy. I am a member of team Vinh. Below is a picture of my team:

As the first generation, we were highly encouraged to develop our career path in the company’s future board of managers. Everyone participated in two KPI tests at the beginning to find out the top 10 winners that will be trained in an exclusively special program called “Potential Assistant traineeship” for 2 months. I was in top 3 of the KPI tests and after that 2-month traineeship, I also became one of the four chosen official Assistant Supervisor.

In the effort of achieving KPI management, there has always been thankful to the contribution of the whole team. For the KPI test, team Vinh was the winner for highest KPI result. We, as a team, worked really hard together and co-operated closely together for that achievement. Here’s a picture our leader, Mr Vinh, treated everyone with milk tea for such award:












My main tasks in the company:

-Processing repayment plan application by analyzing clients’ debt portfolios and financial conditions

-Supervising and supporting the team of 5 to ensure team’s quota

-Supporting manager with updating protocol and administrative tasks to ensure smooth operational flow

Job-related skills learned: Financial consultancy, big data, leadership, KPI management, accuracy management

My confession:

I did have a really great time with amazing people during my internship. I could improve my skills and professionalism and enjoy a greatly dynamic working environment in my home country. At present, I am in pursuit of other career opportunities outside PSL, but such practical training period at this company will surely be a great base for my future development and these precious moments will stay as unforgettable memories in my mind. Thank you a lot for all your help along the way, PSL gangs!

Author: Kim Nguyen