Blog about PT

Paytrail is a leading company in e commerce, with track record of having IB students as project students, trainees, thesis assignors as well as employees. Common place, where consumers bump into Paytrail, is from their bank statements because Paytrail has processed the payment for the website consumer has made the purchase from.

Personally, I was as an E-payment Expert trainee. During the internship, the job consisted mainly of various customer service tasks for example, you get to take emails and calls. At Customer Service, you work for e-commerce entrepreneurs and for consumers with their payment inquiries. Service languages are Finnish, Swedish, and English.

I felt instantly as part of the working community. The employees are well cared for and the corporate culture is open door policy. In customer service team, trainees get to do the real everyday work tasks and each day brought new things to learn. The job required a lot of agile learning and moving between interfaces quickly, even during a phone call. Solving problems and finding solutions is a big part of the job which I find as most rewarding. I am grateful of the consistent feedback I got from others and our team leader. During the internship, I learned a huge amount about electronic customer services, teamwork and of various e-commerce interfaces.

This internship made it 100 % clear that every job is a service job- and by excelling at customer service you can sell your product ahead.

Author: Rita Virmanen