Practical training

This is my second practical experience. It took the same place as the previous one, in Finnish customer’s experience company – Tridea Oy. This company is located in the center of Jyvaskyla. My responsibilities were mainly linked with marketing, international market researches, analytics for financial solutions and some creative tasks. My CEO was very interesting person to talk and describe the processes with. During this practical training, he was interested in making marketing activities abroad, using external services and solutions in order to reach company’s targets.

Generally, it was very entertainment, interesting and I took many new and useful outcomes even researching my domestic market (Russia). As a result, I was able to complete two projects, in addition improve my skills which are linked with program usage, like photoshop, adobe illustrator and Sony Vegas, I was glad to develop this, besides the business knowledge, because now it is much more easier for me to present something using the programs I mentioned above. I am strongly recommend Tridea as a company if you are looking for practical training, self-development, positive atmosphere and growth.

Author: Vladimir Denisov