Working in food service can be an invaluable experience. Food service jobs are almost always available and often well paid. Additionally, they can be opportunities to develop further skills that you can apply to many other professions.

Back of house restaurant employees prepare and present food or clean dishes, while “front of house” workers welcome and interact with customers. Everyone works together as a team to create a memorable, pleasant experience for all patrons.

Although in some respects food service jobs are very similar from restaurant to restaurant, each business is unique.

I started working in restaurant last year in the month of May. I was in my second year of graduation. I started as a trainee. I was trained for two weeks. I learned various things while training how I should be more careful while dealing with food, how I should treat customers, how I should increase the sales and the list is endless. I am fortunate enough to work in restaurant for almost one year. Not only I learned how the work is done but I also worked in multicultural environment.

The staff is more than a family to me. There were times I had to face huge pressure but those were the days when I learnt the importance of teamwork and time management. It’s easy to let the work get the best of you and slow you down — but if you can learn what the expectations are and can prioritize your tasks in conjunction with the standards, you’ll succeed. Working in a restaurant taught me how to wear more than one hat at a time.


Author: Samriti Kapoor