Practical training at Kela by Jasmin Kemppainen

In the last summer I got summer job at Kela and I was doing my practical training at the same. Because of the COVID-19 my practical training experience was a bit different than usually because I was working online at home all summer and I only went to the office a few times because it was important to avoid meeting people. The whole summer went very fast and I really liked a lot of my job what I did at Kela. My job included handling various parental benefits and customer service. That was different work experience than my previous ones. I have experience about customer service work but in this work I was able to use own problem solving skills and develop myself.

I learned how I can work with customers with different people and also my problem solving skills developed a lot. My supervisors were friendly and they helped me if I needed. I recommend that job anyone who would like to work individually and who have a good problem solving skills, and if not so you will learn in that job. Also it is important that you are familiar working with computer because in that work you will do it a lot. My summer was successful and I got much valuable work experience.

Author: Jasmin Kemppainen