After a long time struggling to find a suitable internship, I decided to join WILDCATS – an international organization which operates mainly in Asia or South-east Asia. The main goal of the company is to connect young entrepreneurs or talented people with creative business ideas with existing companies. In addition, WILDCATS also support these young people and start-up by offering mentorship, start-up challenges, and also assistance when these entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

I was living in Amsterdam during the internship and the company operates in Asia so I had to work virtually. However, the experience was super interesting! We worked together on Gather – a virtual office in which you have your own icon and you can move around, decorate the office and talk to people! During this internship, I was working as a content writer so my main job is to do research and write contents about entrepreneurship as well as international news which are relatable for Generation Z.

Overall, during these 2 months, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge about Marketing – which is my main study. WILDCAT’s employees and managers are all very supportive and they had helped me a lot during my journey.

Author: Han Le