Internship as service advisor at Nordea Bank Oyj

Hello! My name is Reetta and I am a third year IB student at Jamk. I am here to talk about my internship at Nordea Bank. I did my practical training during the summer in Tampere which is my hometown. My goal was to get a paid summer internship. I was searching jobs on LinkedIn and I noticed Nordea was hiring in Tampere and the job description was interesting. I decided to apply and the next day I got an interview. I was pretty exited since a job at a bank was something I was really interested in. My job as a service advisor included various different responsibilities. I worked in customer service team that handled personal customers in Finland. My daily tasks related to daily banking matters such as opening an account, using the digital services and helping with issues customers might face. My responsibility was also to ensure each customer has the best suited services and also encourage customers to start saving. This position included a lot of advising and helping especially elderly customers who are facing issues due to the digitalization. Every day at work was different and each customer was different. The best part of this job was definitely being able to help people. This position taught me a lot about the world of banking but also about customer service in general. I faced a lot of customers in very different phases in their lives. Someone just lost their loved one, someone got married and someone had a baby. I never really thought how big role a bank has in a person’s life. I think this job is important and valuable.

Author: Reetta Helenius