My thesis

I´m doing my barchelor´s thesis a quite a strange topic especially when compared to my stydy field. The subject does not consern agriculture but, indeed, the countryside! it is a lot related to the well-being of rural people. Hobbies play an important role in rural areas. Civic college is the one that offers a low threshold of teaching in the countryside. I study in my thesis how the civic college develops cooperation between commune`s and the process of joining the various colleges. Previously Leppävirta  had its own civic college. About ten years ago started the Soisalo College as a Service provider. Soisalo Gollege´s agreement expired until the end of 2017 and the Inner Savo Citizen´s Gollege was elected as a new service provider on January 1, 2018.

The civic college improves the cooperation between communs. Various municipal teachers move over the municipal boundaries. Also the students can move over the municipal boundaries. The change process has not been painless. Leppävirta is a very big commun, distances are long. It is also an unknown area for a new college. Many new teachers were involved in the change. It is challenging to create a good team spirit between employees.

Change from one gollege to another was very fast. The new and old college has very different modes of action. At the time of the old school,there were no common teacher meetings, now they are often and they are mandatory.:this is one example! There are many things that could have been done differently: perhaps my thesis will help future integration processes ? Mainly residents have been happy with the change. As a personal opinion I can say that many things I would have done in other way. Maybe this is still good in the future but the rush was too hard. Residents´opinions about the change were heard, but perhaps more could be heard. There is always something to learn!