Handicraft Fair

Craft in an old traditional method.Up until now, all the clothes are made themselves. Today, clothes are made less by themselves, but handicraft has become a lot of dear hobby. Before the wires were spun from the wool of their own sheep.The fabricitself was woven in the garments. The fabrics were bought wery little because they were very expensive. Life was financially wery tight. Craft has later become a very dear hobby for many. The crafts fair sees a huge supply of materials that are available. one important thing , however, is almost missing: finnish lamb wool yarn. Much of the needle yarn comes from Turkey. There are no spinning in Finland where yarns could be refined. A Small amount of Finnish wool has been spun in the UK. Moreover, it has always been very costly job.

There is one wery old sheep breed in Finland: a sheep breed called kainuunharmas.  The race was on the verge of disappearing in the 1980s. However, it was saved thanks to the veterinarian. The vet was named Pertti Hankonen. All lambs are born Black. With age, some of the sheep will lighten up. Wool yarn is wery warm but it not as durable as  the actual industrial socks. The right wool yarn scents the sheep´s gooseberry: lanolin.

I hope that the Finnish sheep´s wool does not disappear. I´ve heard that in Finland we are setting up a new spinning mills for the root of Finnish wool. Hope the Finnish wool will rice to its value.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle kainuunharmas