Practical Training at Nestronite Oy

My collaboration with Nestronite Oy started last year in the winter of 2016. My first mission back then was to find new ways on how to we boost website activity and social media presence for the company’s product Jaxber.

During this project, my partner and I created a blog for the company/product, designed to enable the content creation for Jaxber. Later on, after the project was done, and course finalized, the project turned into a viable BA thesis topic with an action based approach. The aim of the thesis was to analyse how content marketing through blogging for the company can increase product awareness for Jaxber.

After that I decided to collaborate even more with Nestronite Oy and completed my practical training there, taking place from 1.6.2017 to 1.9.2017.

For those of you who do not know Nestronite Oy, it is a Finnish company, founded in 2011. And their product is Jaxber, a mobile-cloud based app that is meant to instantly capture feedback from any stakeholders.

During the whole extent of my practical training, I was a full-time employee for the company, 5 days a week, 8 hours per day. The responsibilities for these 5 days were divided as well: 3 days per week I was responsible for lead generation, mass-emailing etc. and 2 days per week were assigned for more creative purposes and content marketing.

Key responsibilities:

  • Marketing manager: content creator through the products social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more recently LinkedIn);
  • Sales representative: customer engagement via emailing on different countries and industries; and
  • Product development: creating specific campaign and challenges templates that can add value to the product.

My practical training proved itself very fruitful in terms of self-development. As a sales representative I was bound to be in contact with many different people, from 147 different industries, and 3 different countries. My communication and language skills were put to a test as I was the bridge of communication in between the raw leads and my supervisors.

Some other soft skills that my practical training experience provided for me are:

  • Creativity and problem-solving;
  • Time management;
  • Self-motivation; and
  • Teamwork.

On the other hand the marketing managing opened a door to a whole new set of skills that I haven’t had the pleasure of perfecting before. As a marketing manager, I managed the companys’ social media channels and created relevant and educational content, and visual aids to increase the impact of the content’s marketing message.

This proved challenging for me, because I haven’t had any prior experience with editing. However I familiarized myself with an online editing program called Fotor. And I started using it on a daily bases for different kind of social media posts, and blog title photos.

After picking up photo editing, I found myself “hungry” for more editing and wanted to try everything, so I looked more into video editing, and animation software. Which amazed me how fast I can learn and master such programs. The video editing program that I learned and mastered is called Wondershare Filmora, and the animation software is called Animaker.


One more important hard skill that I had to learn is working with the SuiteCRM Software, which, as the name suggests, is a customer relationship management software, which I had to use on a daily basis. It helped me to keep track of the leads I was chasing as a sales representative.

Overall, my practical training was a rewarding experience and it served me well. Not only did I learn number of useful hard skills (such as video and photo editing) that were rather new to me, but it challenged me to come up with creative solutions and to think independently as well as work as part of a team. In this my practical training also allowed to put in action the skills that I have acquired during my studies. I especially enjoyed encountering challenges which required me to challenge myself while solving them. And while I greatly enjoyed tacking these challenges, it helped that I had good guiding when needed from my supervisor – an essential part of successful practical training.