Practical training: Waste to Energy- Finding Possibilities and Problems in Bangladesh

Me at World’s longest sea beach

Summer is coming. I have nothing to do with…let’s do a practical training. No, not really. Actually, things does not go this way. Yes, I have planned very well and detailed for summer to take a chance to familiarize with business world.

My search for the intern position-

From April 2017 I was contacting with some companies to work as an intern in their companies. It was hard to get the attention most of the time, as companies are looking for an already graduate. Luckily, I got to know about the company “QG Finland” who were looking for someone to work in their Bangladesh office. I made several contacts and after detailed discussion they finalize the position of Trainee, Supply Chain Management. I was really excited about the experience.  As I know getting a job is the hardest thing that can bother me in near future. So why not try from my first year? I was fortunate enough to have the chance at my second year of study.

Host Company insight-

First, let me introduce the company. The company started journey on March 2013, with principle concept of collaboration and offshore outsourcing. Now QG Finland innovates dynamic services through assisting offshore outsourcing, event managing, Heavy machinery export, service designing and so on. Their recent project was Waste to energy in Bangladesh – to identify the possibilities and problems.

Time Spent in training

My practical training started from June, 2017 and officially ended in October, 2017. It was a eyeopener for me. The real business world and market condition is much more challenging than my expectations. During this tenure, I was responsible for completing the given case studies, participating in the activities and establishing a network for company’s future cooperation by meeting with potential clients and suppliers, managing communication with govt. official and industry key personnel’s. From the very beginning I worked Eight hours all five days in a week. I wanted to give them full attention so that team never thought I am an individual player in their team.  I was involved in data collection and data processing activities for first one month. I went to Adamzee Export processing Zone, a industrial hub , where foreign and local industries are having huge manufacturing activities.

                                       Picture: Siddhirganj dumping zone (Source:

There a huge number of industrial wastage are produced and dumped everyday in nearby river. I visited another place named Matuail Sanitary dumping site, Where all the Bio and mixed wastage of Dhaka city are dumped everyday with no precaution for environment.

Picture: Open dustbin, (source: the daily observer)

 I also visited The Cox’sBazar which is world’s largest sea beach. There they have the huge fishing network and a dumping station of unwanted fishes as bio waste. The data collected was really astonishing. It shows How a country’s environment can go under threat with wastage produced by its own population. Un-sorted wastage, lack of recycling, lack of awareness, lack of dustbin, lack of worker, lack of technology over all, lack of responsibility makes the wastage problem a big issue. In the darkness, govt. and few private firms are trying to find a solution for this, QG Finland is one of them. I was also part of analyzing transportation, sorting, worker involvement, suitable place for plant all this task.

For all well wisher

To conclude, the best part I learned from this training is communication skill, data sourcing, meeting management, time management and team work. In the job situation I felt satisfied that I implemented my leanings back there in JAMK from the lectures, group discussion, innovating, case analysis, reporting, Pitching all the things. Now I can relate my study with my work at real situation, that is the best part I can share with all JAMK fellas.