Internship at Robo Wunderkind

Hi everyone,

This blog post is to tell you about my internship at Robo Wunderkind – a hardware startup based in Vienna, Austria that produces modular robotics kits for children. My internship was in the Marketing team and during these months I have gained the most valuable experience of my life so far.


In Robo Wunderkind, I have been responsible for social media marketing, PR campaigns, customer support, paid acquisition, email marketing, and many other tasks, as it is usually in startups – you do different things every single day and get your hands on anything that needs to be done in the company.

My time at Robo has taught me a ton of new things about marketing and entrepreneurship; it developed my communication, team-working, self-management and organizational skills. It taught me how to learn quicker and more efficient, and it gave me plenty of valuable connections. A small bonus: I have also really improved my German skills and became quite fluent 🙂

Being in a startup is like running a marathon at a speed of a sprint, and the time spent at Robo Wunderkind has incredibly developed me personally and professionally. Eventually, I got employed by Robo and I am thrilled to stay in the company and to continue helping this amazing product to spread to families and schools around the world.

Best regards,