Summer practical training

This summer I did my practical training during June, July and August which lasted three months in total.
The internship place that I got was at VODA company, located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I had some connections there and therefore they hired my as an intern but I don’t think they offer internships there. VODA is a twenty room luxury hotel, a restaurant and an aqua club which consists of a swimming pool, saunas, relax rooms and spa. It’s located on the end of Saint-Petersburg, near the Gulf of Finland.
This year I started to take more interest in hospitality and area, mainly hotels and restaurants. Working at VODA I got the perfect chance to see how everything functions from the inside. My position was Manager Assistant and thus I was shadowing a manager and doing small tasks or helping my manager with bigger ones.
As I had some experience working as a social media person during my last practical training, my manager allowed me to create content for VODA’s social media and advertise our events (I had to get an approval of my manager before posting anything).
The working culture in the office was as I would expect it to be. In Russia its more formal and you have to be respectful and thoughtful towards your managers. VODA had a great team of people and I was glad to be a part of it for this summer. I have learned a great deal about hotels industry and how to organize parties for 100+ people, my interpersonal skills improved as well as the time management, responsibility and self confidence.