My practical training at JAMK

My name is Olga and I’d like to share my story about practical training. Once I had a meeting with the educational secretary at JAMK just to discuss my overall situation with the courses and practical training. During the meeting I asked about possibility to do the practical training at JAMK and to my big surprise, the School of Business was thinking to hire an assistant trainee. Our meeting then was changed somehow to small job interview with small part of it was in Finnish. As a result after some days I received the practical training place.

My duties included different tasks connected with marketing, administrative duties, data analysis, conducting surveys and analyzing of the results, organization and planning , data collection, creative assignments, work with documentation, preparing reports, etc.

I should say that during the whole period of my practical training I didn’t face any big problem, staff members of the School of Business were very friendly and ready to help. I was offered to continue work at JAMK, so now I’m a part-time assistant of the School of Business and I’m happy to be a part of the team!


Best regards,