Practical Training at Rinta-Joupin Autoliike Oy

As a summer job and a practical training I’ve spent the late spring, summer and fall 2017 working for Rinta-Joupin Autoliike Oy. The practical training itself for school lasted for 5 months. My work duties included a variety of diverse tasks mainly within the office as my main responsibility was to take care of the invoicing system of two different agencies of the chain. The costs addressed everything from car and property maintenance to marketing and internal staff expenses along with hire purchase and contract price documents which all were processed through the invoicing system, accounted and then transmitted forward to be payed. These processes did require interaction with both foreign and domestic billers and once in a while with customers, too. Along with the invoicing and accounting I monitored customer payment transaction and also for my own part took care of the cash register and other daily running matters of the agency.

The training gave me both practical know-how and the variety of tasks allowed me to get a broad overlook of the field of car dealing industry in Finland. To me it was very interesting to acknowledge the entire process of trading from many different perspectives; what it takes, how to overcome challenging situations and how to succeed. I also witnessed the significance of human resources – the input that is given by the staff is still and will be the most valuable asset of a company.

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