Practical Training at Paytrail Technology Oy – E-Payment Expert trainee

I completed my practical training during the Fall of 2017 and early 2018 at Paytrail Technology Oy, part of NETS. The company has their offices in Jyväskylä, right next to the train station and the Dynamo campus. Paytrail is a payment service provider for over 5000 online stores and in short, Paytrail handles the payment traffic for their clients. A consumer purchases products from an online store and Paytrail provides the different payment methods (credit cards, online banks, etc.) to the merchant. In addition with smaller entrepreneurs, Paytrail’s customers also include big players like Eckerö Line and the State Treasury. So if you’ve ever bought tickets in order to travel with Onnibussi, or have bought a beanie from BilleBeino, or you have paid semester fees to JAMK or JYU, you have been using Paytrail’s service.

My tasks as a E-Payment Expert trainee revolved around B2B-customer service, monitoring payment traffic and resolving any customer contacts, whether consumer or a company. My duties, and the overall job description, were truly vast and diverse and included loads of assignments that I had not had a chance to try during my studies or in earlier jobs. Trainees get to do every single task that regular employees do and the orientation and coaching process at Paytrail is incredible. From invoicing to accepting new customers, from handling customer contracts and making sure everything is legally valid in said contracts to helping merchants and customers with technical problems, every day at Paytrail were exciting and offered something new to learn.

Paytrail itself is a fantastic workplace and their great reputation is not smoke and mirrors. Employees have incredible benefits, corporate culture is open and supervisors are always available if one needs assistance or has any issues. Coworkers take new recruits in with open arms and you can feel that the different teams inside Paytrail are committed to improving their service and product. I, personally, learned a lot during the five months I spent at Paytrail and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Overall my practical training was everything I was expecting, maybe even more.

Should you see an opening at Paytrail and you are in anyway interested in the financial field, don’t hesitate!