Practical Training at NEM Agency in the Heart of Tampere’s Music Scene

Decorations at Lost in Music

If you’re looking to break into the music industry or to get a realistic picture of what it’s like to promote and arrange shows, choose NEM Agency. My practical training there was a great experience!

The team at NEM is small, which makes it easy to get to know everyone. The atmosphere is relaxed, as well as the work times. It’s a dream for anyone who likes to sleep in! Like me. This is not to say you get to laze around – in preparations for bigger events, such as Lost in Music, or out of town shows, you have to be ready to work, sometimes through the night. It all balances out in the end though.

The best part about doing my internship at NEM was the fact they gave their trust to me and along with it, responsibilities. My opinions were listened to, I got to have a say in what I’d like to do and focus on and so on. I helped NEM create a snapchat, came up with instruction sheets for future interns and as my biggest project, arranged my own show, MEDEM Fest. Another thing is, as long as your attitude is right, you have no reason to fear failures at NEM. Mistakes happen and this is understood by the whole team! As you probably know, mistakes are the best teachers out there.

Decorations at Lost in Music
Jake E. / Cyhra @ Nosturi, Helsinki — We went to Helsinki to make sure Cyhra’s first ever show went smoothly

All in all, I had a good time promoting my own show, producing & marketing the shows at Dog’s Home, participating in Lost In Music’s production, helping out with the W.A.S.P. tour & The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain show, selling merchandise for W.A.S.P. & The Ukulele Orchestra, performing the tasks of an office assistant, taking care of the Meet & Greet arrangements & booking flights for Amranthe’s European tour and many other things besides!

I would highly recommend NEM to anyone with a crooked sense of humour, humble yet hardworking attitude and a burning passion for music & learning new things. They’ll give you the tools and it’s up to what you’ll do with them.