Practical Training at Elisa Oyj – Marketing Automation Trainee

My practical training took place from March 2017 to September 2017 at Elisa Oyj, one of the largest telecommunications and IT service providers in Finland. Elisa employs thousands of employees all over Finland and the world, with operations in multiple IT sectors in both the B2C and B2B markets. My official working title there was called “Marketing Automation Trainee”, but thankfully I ended up working with multiple different aspects of digital marketing in the B2B customer segment. I got to work with some great professionals from marketing, online development, analytics and many more fields of expertise.

My job was physically situated at Elisa’s main offices at Pasila, Helsinki. But since Elisa offers some great remote working capabilities, I could work from both from my home and Elisa’s remote offices situated in the Lutakko business park at Jyväskylä. The freedom to work from anywhere I wanted was a new experience to me, but I felt that not being tied to a certain place from 8 to 16 really motivated me so much more than just sitting in an office every day. Visiting the main offices for a day or two a few times a month just felt a bit more special this way, too.

My job, as the title says, started off working with marketing automation. The term itself is a rather new one, but is taking over the marketing industry at a rapid pace. My job consisted of creating and updating content within Elisa’s marketing automation platform, and in addition working with the technical side of the “automation” part so that the whole operation ran smoothly from start to finish. Working at this position I was also able to work closely with some more typical marketing operations, ranging from offline operations to digital marketing from a more tactical standpoint.

Towards the end of my traineeship, I started to receive more and more responsibility with the marketing automation platform. I also started working more closely with the analytics side of marketing, reviewing things such as online metrics, engagement statistics of marketing actions, and much more. Thankfully, at the end of my traineeship I applied, and was chosen for, a marketing analyst position at Elisa, which basically lets me do the same kind of work as my traineeship, but with more emphasis on data analytics and the assessment and planning of marketing procedures.

All in all, Elisa was, and still is, a great employer for me that offers interesting job opportunities with the latest digital trends. The workplace atmosphere was really welcoming from day one, and having those remote working capabilities just made it that more special. I would highly recommend anyone with the chance to apply for a traineeship at Elisa. I myself am very happy to have had the chance to stay there and continue my career development as a part of one of the greatest working places in Finland.