experience in MusicInfo, Happy to finish stress or sad to leave such great place?

MY Name is Noamane Chakir, a 23 years old student in Jamk IB program. i got a practical training opportunity at MusicInfo, a music distribution company that distributes music in China as they do not have social media platforms used in most of the world s countries, such as YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, etc. so we did distribution of western music through their own platform through us.

my job was key account manager, i was responsible to take care of the market area in North Africa and France since i speak French and Arabic, and it was about contacting artists and label houses to negotiate affiliation programs. that was the best part of my job, i was able to contact and negotiate business with famous people in my country and abroad and also get to negotiate business and meetings with them.

my other responsibilities were to take care of the marketing in the same area so i was posting on Facebook and twitter as well as Instagram, and making content and generating ideas for the YouTube channel.

much to do … right?

that as the best part to be honest. i was an influencing person in company we were a team of 15 people and my voice was heard and my ideas and decisions were taken seriously. i had a big impact on the company´s numbers and strategy as i was the one who suggested the affiliation program which is now the base of our business and it relies on it 60% to get customers.

so to a response to the title question i would say both, working in a startup is too much work and stress and multi-tasking, but it makes anybody gain big experience as it any position had big responsibility and great impact on the business.