My practical training in Valencia, Spain

I can surely say that this summer was one of the best times in my life. This is because I spent it with my best friend working as a bartender in Nest Hostels  in Valencia. During this practical training period I have not only gained and developed my professional skills and personal traits but also found many new friends from all over the world, explored Spanish culture and had so much fun.

Working in an international team was an incredible opportunity for me to gain new connections and learn other cultures’ working approaches. This experience is extremely valuable nowadays so it is very useful to have some practical background in intercultural communication. An awesome addition to this is that now I have friends in so many countries and I can always reach them whenever I’m somewhere near.

Moving on, being a business student, it was necessary for me to have an insight into how a real business is managed and organized. And working in a hostel has certainly gave me a close look on how small and medium sized businesses operate. I was very curious about various managerial processes and it was interesting for me to observe the organization of the hostel from inside.

Last but not least, this internship gave an opportunity to fully immerse into the Spanish and Valencian culture. Spain is a country with a long history, many wonderful places and reach culture and I was lucky enough to explore it with my best friend. What is more, we developed our Spanish language knowledge and are planning to continue studying it at University.

This summer has changed my perception of many things and has given me lots of ideas and inspiration for the future professional and personal life.