My Practical Training in Valencia, Spain

This summer I have spent in the one of the most beautiful cities in the world completing my internship. I was staying in Valencia and worked as a bartender in Nest Hostels chain. It was the best experience I could have ever dreamed about. I’ve gained so much personal and professional skills, worked in a very good team and met incredible people. Another good thing in this internship was that I went with my friend, so we could share all the good moments.

It was very interesting to work in the international atmosphere, but in the Spanish culture. The Spanish approach to the working proccess differs a lot from the Russian and Finnish approaches, so it was an interesting and valuable experience.

Additionally, all the processes in the hostel were synchronised and all the employers communicated tightly with each other, so I learned a lot not only about the bar, but also about the hostel in general.

Working in Valencia has given me a lot of drive and motivation to work on myself and explore new things.