Amazing Sales Experience At Telia

I had a great time at my practical training at Telia. I have learned a lot about selling, B2B-contracts, competition in operator market and current trends in smartphone and tablet industry. I learn everyday from the people I meet in my work.

Sometimes it might feel rough and tough waking up in the morning, not knowing how much contracts you are going to sign with the customers during the day, you don’t know the situations that you’re going to get in with the customers and businesses. Some days the work is harder and it might seem that nobody buys nothing from you. But those are the moments that you get to show your character, and sell and notice, that when the day ends you still reached your daily goal.

On the other hand, being a salesperson has to be one of the most rewarding jobs, because your salary depends on how much you sell and you get into competitive company with your colleagues. The feeling after a good day is very addictive and empowering, and you get to see your own development as the days, weeks and months pass by. I have found my passion in sales job, and during my time in Telia I have been responsible for training and coaching new employees and I have also been responsible for one sales office and the results of the office. It has taught me how to organize my time and how to help and train now people. Being a superior is a clear goal to me in the future and I have learned a lot and gained a lot of tools to use in my future.


As an experience it has been great and I have found my passion for this profession and I would recommend it to everyone who is brave enough to put everything you have on the line.