My practical training in Russia, Moscow

Hi, my name is Maksim Goncharov. In autumn 2017, before I was hired for a job, I had an opportunity to spend my time on a practical training in Russia, in company Bioritm, which is a MARS Inc. partner in project Lubimchik Russia. Lubimchil is a network of pet products stores, located in Moscow, Russia. Due to the fact that my family’s business is allocated in the same sphere, I had some basic experience about this sphere. My parents’ company is small in comparison to Bioritm, therefore, this practical training was an opportunity to see how advanced business structure in cooperation with one of the biggest Pet-Food producers is working. What are the opportunities for future development and what are the current threats that business in this sphere should pay attention to, no matter how serious the company is.

The practical training was a very interesting experience for me, I was able to walk through the whole structure of the business and see how all the departments are cooperating, how the communication between the employees is going and what types of software is being used. Furthermore, I was able to see how the stuff was trained and how they are being evaluated.

My goal during the PT was to understand how this business was functioning, what could be improved or change and make suggestions if I will have any. As a business student and future manager, I needed to understand what is the difference between good and bad business structure and how can be the bad structure improved to become more productive. At the moment I still can not surely say that I am able to fulfill these questions with my answer, but this PT helped me to get a broader vision on these problems.