Practical Training in Malta

I did my 2-month internship with Malta University Language School in Malta as a Teen Leader. I was responsible for supervising underage students who came to Malta to study English for one or several weeks. In this case, supervision also implies organizing leisure activities for them.

To put it simply, it is not likely for you to obtain or develop any kind of skills related specifically to your field of studies, be it marketing, economics or anything else, from this practical training. This kind of work does not require any specific expertise but will give you experiences and practices (e.g how to communicate with your colleagues properly or some lightweight planning) useful for routine working life almost in any field. In addition, you have to stay in touch pretty much all the time. Of course, you have a right for one day off per week as well as free hours when your students are attending language lessons but you cannot just disconnect yourself from the outside world.

There are more positive moments as well. First, accommodation is provided for free and school is basically located in the student residence of local university so you live with your subordination students. During summer, it is more like a hotel where live other Erasmus students doing their internships, students from various language schools and just tourists. It is a very social environment and you are very likely to meet new people there.

Second, despite great amount of working hours, work itself isn’t exhausting at all. In the end, many students come more for a vacation than for actual studying and your task is just to accompany them. In addition, Malta is a very tiny country so within 2 months I saw and visited everything worth attention.

If you are looking for a relaxing working experience mixed up with a vacation in a very hot and sunny country with nearby sea – this kind of internship is a good choice. But if you are looking for something more traditional and focused solely on the work itself – I would not recommend this.