Practical Training is an important step in studies

Practical Training is a good opportunity to work in a country where you would like to try to work or to stay. Moreover, it can be your first experience in job seeking. Therefore, you can understand which skills you need in the future career and train them further. For me it was a push to learn Finnish language because I was not able to find practical training in Finland. I want to try again to find practical training in Finland with higher language level. Nevertheless, it was a good chance to improve my skills in a field which I want to focus. Therefore, I have decided to have practical training in Russia in the sphere which I am interested in. I had to do some general routine and work with financial reports as I really wanted. Also, I was introduce to the reporting system “1C”, but I want to have additional courses to improve my skills in it.

During practical training I got a lot of experience. When I entered a new atmosphere with new tasks, I also had to deal with external problems, which made my practical training more difficult. I have understood that it is important to complete everything in time, otherwise the productivity decreases. Moreover, I got some practical skills and understood which skills I want to get in the future.

Another bonus is a great time with new people who share their experience with you and discuss all difficulties and give some tips. I enjoyed working in “TransDieselGroup”. And I really thankful to my supervisor for help and support. For a student who has not work before it is great source of information. Probably it can seem that practical training for a few months is a short period but there is enough time to decide what you want in the future.