Truly Practical Training at Venture Development Finland

I had never had a proper office job in the field of business before starting my practical training at the nationwide business consultation firm Venture Development Finland. Needless to say the first weeks had me a little overwhelmed as I tried to soak in all the new tasks and routines I was given. But after the initial first-shock I started to get the hang of it and got used to spending my days glued to the laptop screen and helping the company’s professionals in various projects.

While business consultation may not be the field I’m going to land in professionally, I feel that it is a super intriguing field and covers many different aspects of doing business — you kind of need to know a lot about everything while still specializing on your own thing. Watching and learning how the experts at Venture Development Finland counsel numerous different companies in early and growth stages had me realize how much knowledge you need to have to run a business succesfully.

I can safely say I learned even more than I had expected during these several months. I feel that I’m off to a good start career-wise because of the choice I made to join this company. In all of its simplicity my experience could be summarized with: when people around you talk and more importantly do business, you learn business.

I’m happy to have been a part of such a professional and friendly work environment. I cannot thank the company and its people enough for this eye-opening experience!