Viper metal

Viper metal is a Excavator accessory manufacturer based in a small village of Töysä  Finland. Although based in a village in central Finland it is a vibrant and international company with distributors in the U.S.A, Europe and Asia and is looking to expand further. I carried out my 8 month internship on site and remotely with regular emails back and forth, this wasn’t and issue as we had met before and both parties were interested in identifying opportunity in New Zealand (my home country) and Australia. The internship was mainly about learning the products sold by Viper metal, assessing a need in NZ or Australia for the crushing and screening buckets, price point of competition, how to market them, contacting potential clients, logistics (time and cost) e.t.c. This was a great opportunity to get into international business on big ticket items and the response from potential customers was that it is a unique product in my part of the world.