Internship under the sun: 6 months HR and Marketing internship

During the spring 2018 I was finishing my study exchange in Alicante, Spain and I knew my next step towards graduation would be a practical training. I started casually to look for opportunities from the list of opportunities provided in ELMO. I knew I wanted to do my internship in the field of Human Resources and preferable I would like to stay under the sun in Spain.

I came across a company called Spain Internship, they help students from across the globe to find an internship mainly from Spain (however, they had open vacancies in Italy, Netherlands, UK as well as recruitment services in the US and Ireland). I decided to make an application on their website to look for an internship in HR. The whole process moved forward were quickly. The next day from my application I received an email that they would like to interview me to see to which positions I might fit before they would send my application to any company.

To my surprise their Customer relationship manager contacted me and offered me a position in their office! At this time, I was on vacation in Morocco and after a short consideration, I took the position. So, this is how a became a HR and Marketing assistant for 6 months.

When my placement started, I was very overwhelmed with the amount and variety of tasks given to me. However, very quickly I started to get the hang of it. My tasks included helping those students who had just applied for an internship, interviewing them and ensuring they had all the required paperwork in order. I also assisted a project manager in looking for candidates for open positions through contacting students, universities and posting to our website and social media.

The time went by quickly and soon my internship was coming to an end. Before I started to think about my next move, I was asked to stay in the company after my internship. Now I am working at Spain Internship as a Customer Relationship Manager. This means that now I am training the new HR and Marketing interns and giving the task to the same project managers I used to assist. This has just shown me that you never know what life has to offer. What started as a casual search to see what opportunities were out there, has brought me to this day in a job that I love in Spain. Which honestly, living in Spain has always been a goal of mine.