Working with the Pros.

My Intership at Firstbeat

During my Internship at Firstbeat in Jyväskylä is was working in the team responsible for sales and marketing activities to German speaking countries. Firstbeat is the leading provider in performance analytics used in Professional Sports and Lifestyle. Their Sports System is used by over 1000 Professional Teams including many Top Ice hockey, Football, American Football and NCAA college sports teams.

As an Intern at Firstbeat I got included in all kinds of processes through the company and did not feel any exclusion because I’m an intern. For example, shortly after I started working there I was invited to a coffee break with our CEO to get the chance to hear what the company’s values are from the top and being able to introduce ourselves in a relaxed atmosphere Directly knowing that your work will be seen by Bundesliga, or Champions League teams really pressures one to do the best possible in the everyday work and learn fast.  I was able to use my skillset I brought with me to the company by being able to design and choose the tasks I felt fit me best whilst also being assigned a set of other task that helped me acquire new skills.  

The large office space and young staff allow for much creative freedom at work and exchange amongst your colleagues to understand what others are working on is encouraged. Weekly one hour working time is reserved to try out sport activities that are organized by the company. For example once we went to do Kickboxing while another time we went to bet on horse racing. These activities really contributed to the working atmosphere and  created a great opportunity to meet new people in the company, 

I would like to thank everyone at Firstbeat for the amazing time I had and all the great people I met.