Internship at a poultry company

My name is Ilhami Unver and I have done my internship between the months September and January 2019 in The Netherlands. The company I worked in is called Guven Food and they are specialised in the poultry industry. Guven Food started from humble beginnings into a company that mainly serves poultry products to retailers and foodservice operators.

I have been working at Guven Food in my previous years. I had a seasonal job and I was delivering chicken products. then a year later another seasonal job, i started to work within the products and I had the title of production operator. My experience at Guven Food built me a fundamental to seize the business and understand the core functionality.

At my internship I focused on more what the sustainability reasons were, I had a wider function. I was doing the purchasing management, and customer relations. Guven Food is a small business with more than 10 employees. My functions over here varied at certain time frames. Because I had a broad variety of functions, I was able to learn more than just being in a big firm and doing one particular function. I learned how their logistics, purchasing, customer retention works and how a company can grow.

The environment where i worked was already familiar for me so I enjoyed most times when I was working. I knew my co-workers from before so I immediately assimilated from day one. One really important thing that this internship has taught me is that a business can flourish very quickly and also demising from value very quickly. Building a business is super hard, and it requires patience, lots of time and hard work with certain risks.

I certainly enjoyed every stay here in The Netherlands and I am missing Finland as well. I have come to an end of my bachelor degree, and I am planning to do a master degree in entrepreneurship. This internship has offered me a job position in their company, but I have other plans. Looking up where my journey ends.