Kindai Exchange

This autumn semester 2018/2019 I had an incredible opportunity to study in Japan at Kindai University in Osaka. During my second year of studies I applied to go and study in Germany, because I was afraid to pick such a far, exotic and different country. To all the students doubting their choices, and wondering if they should explore something unique, something out of their comfort zone, I say go!

My first month of September flew by so quickly because I have done and tried so many new things. I have met people from all over the world, tried real Japanese sushi and ramen and fell in love with the country.

The exchange program at Kindai allows students to pick courses that they want and to make your own schedule. The teachers are great and the Japanese language course teachers speak only Japanese, which allows complete immersion into the language. The university itself looks super new and modern, there are gyms ans yoga courses, a huge light library with many windows, a few coffee shops, food trucks and e-cube which is the place where people are prohibited speaking any languages other than English. You can meet some pretty cool people there!

Moreover, Japan itself it a wonderful and exciting countries with many places to explore. Be sure to visit Tokyo, Niigata, Mount Fuji, Hiroshima and Okinawa.

Perhaps my only recommendation would be to spend 2 semesters in Japan as 1 is just not enough! And if any students have any questions, you are more than welcome to email me!