My internship and holiday in Malta

So firstly I found this internship through a school email. The internship opportunity was offered by Malta University Language School and my job was to be a teen leader for a group of younger students. I immediately applied, since it seemed a great opportunity to experience project and event management, while also being on a “holiday”.

I arrived a bit earlier, 2 weeks before the teens started to come. But it was actually really valuable, because during that two weeks I did some administration jobs, and I learnt a lot about digital file organising in excel, customer service, such as answering to phone and email complaints or offers. I was also asked to do some online posters, which would advertise the new language courses. The atmosphere of the office was always great, there was another intern and a full time worker, who arrived a week later after I came. I also learnt more about the importance of customer service in every stage of the sales, since first you have to be kind to convince them to purchase your service then there were students coming all the time,with some problems. maintaining a high quality service is important to retain old customers and attract new ones.

After the first 2 weeks my main duty was to look after teenagers and create them activities for the afternoon. It wasn’t challenging job, however sometimes it can be stressful, when something didn’t go according to the plans. Scheduling skills were essential for this job, to always know when the buses come how long would the activity take and how long it takes to come back.

I really liked being with the teens and helping them in their language skills. Malta is a beautiful place for this short period, there are amazing people who you can meet. The residence, where I got free accomodation is also where many of the language school students rent their rooms and some other interns from the university. Therefore it is a great place for meeting with new people. We had an amazing team there during the summer and we arranged activities together all the time, in which we also included the teens, so they were able to socialise more.

I would suggest this internship to introvert students, who want to enjoy themselves, but also work at the same time.

– Mirtill Balázs