Does an internship in an intercultural communication company on the beautiful Lazur coast of France sound like heaven? Well, it was! During summer 2018, I had a chance to work for George Simons international as Marketing Associate Trainee in Mandelieu-la-Napoule.

I found the place through JAMK when I was doing Intercultural Communication specialization. I did not plan to do any practical training that summer at first, but I could not miss the chance when I’ve got the opportunity. And I have not once regretted it!

I had a small team of professionals working closely together. Adapting to team projects in real life is as fun and challenging as it was through studies, and getting insights from people who have such a huge experience in the field was extremely valuable for my own understanding of what I want to do in the future. During this internship, I had an opportunity to try myself in different tasks and find something that really suited my interest.

Apart from that, I was living in just a beautiful place. I had a chance to travel around the south of France, getting immersed in unbelievable nature and French culture. I would not say that France is the country that my spirit aligns with, but people whom I’ve met on my way never failed in getting me a little more in adoration with French character. I guess I just once again proved my passion for traveling and living in different places, meeting new people.

This internship got me into a place of peace and harmony. I got a lot of time to thoughtfully immerse in my job responsibilities, as well as time to be with myself. Mandeliue-la-Napoule is a very small town, so apart from traveling around on weekends from time to time, I lived in a pretty relaxed tempo. I have spent so much time thinking, reading and walking admiring the nature around. It was a perfect place to go to combine constant learning and practice with own development. Got me set up with good energy for the year ahead coming!:)

And also, croissants…