I started my internship the 14th of January 2019. Selectra is a French company created in 2007 by Xavier Pinon and Aurian Maupeou. They wanted to take benefits from the opening of the French energy market (Previously, French Energy market was reduced to two National companies). As a result, they created Selectra the first French comparator of the energy offers. They wanted to be the link between the suppliers and the consumer. This start-up grows quickly. They opened the first call centre in 2010. In 2013, they opened the office in Madrid due to the better quality of life there.   In 2015, they expanded the company in Italia, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Turkey and USA.

Nowadays Selectra, is not a start up anymore, but they kept the energy and the innovation in the heart of the company. All the employees are usually between 20 and 35 years old. The goal for the company now is to continue to expand itself by creating and selling new services to their clients.

For my part, I have integrated Selectra in January for a 6-month long internship as commercial. My internship began with one month of training with many new employees. After this month, I joined my definitive team.

My job was to take the call from the customers and answer to their demands. Help them to find the best offer and make the contact with the suppliers. I learnt a lot, selling at phone is very difficult even if the manager is very supportive and friendly. During this internship, I learnt a lot of selling technics. I always wanted to do my practical training in the sales department of an international company. However, I haven’t realised that B2C could be that difficult. Thanks to my manager, I improved my skills, I could imagine that I could become a real commercial. They don’t hesitate to give us tips motivation, they truly want to help us. In only 2 months, I learnt a lot about the French energy market and the different type of customers.

To conclude this internship’s experience, I learnt a lot, about the different sales technics, type of customer, team management and about me.

I would like to thank everyone at Selectra for the good time I had.


Author: Anouk LECOQ-PINTO.