Practice in Finland

During this spring I have made an internship in Tredia. This company is working on the program. It is their startup. The program is about customer behaviour and how to analyze it in an easy way. I found that practical training during my track projects. I and my group did great work for Tredia and they offer as a place to work in the future as a volunteer.

Spent two months working at Tredia, I had time to learn how modern medium scale enterprise which produces services functioning. Which also means that I learned how marketing and sales departments are built in B2B company which produces and develops a design solution for their products. Additionally, I was briefly introduced to problems and obstacles which such medium scale family owned business might face.

Talking about more practical and applicable outcomes, I developed solutions for the company’s goals, actively participated in work with information within the company, acquired, developed, analyzed and created it.

As a conclusion, I would recommend working in Tredia for several months Because if you like marketing here you will improve and get new skills in marketing and also, you will work with the great professionals.

Author: Pirogov Ignat