Practice @ stock market algorithm developer company

Practice @ stock market algorithm developer company.

Recently, I have made an internship in PeadFlux. The company is a stock market algorithm developer. I found it during Shab course’s project, liked it and after the project successfully ended, I asked Juhana, the company’s CEO if he had any work for me to do (and he had indeed).

Juhana is considering making an investment fund out of his algorithm developing company and he asked me to make a simulation of investment fund creation. The task seemed huge at the beginning, but very intriguing. In order to execute it, I interacted with Finnish financial supervision authority, read laws and regulations, asked around some investment funds and googled the heck out of Internet. The process was interesting and challenging.

I wouldn’t recommend this place for an internship for anyone who appreciates working surrounded by people – because there will be no premises for you. I would recommend it for someone who enjoys algorithms, stock market trading and freedom in choosing how to work. For me, this practice was 10/10.

Author: Petrov Stefan