Hello everyone!

Between January and June 2019, I worked as an intern in the company Meerson Editions Limited in Guildford, a small city near London, UK.

In general, my activities at Meerson Editions Limited were very diversified and included communication and promotional strategy, public relations both with press and customers, campaigns management and also preparation of the new collection’s launch.

Meerson is a horology brand, built on a luxury and sensual image. Since its foundation, several products have been designed, created and sold most of all in Europe and North America. This brand is based on the creation of watches around three main levels of sale: “collection” which includes all the watches imagined and created by MEERSON, “individual” or half-measurement which presents seasonal options and “personal” which includes unique products created at the request of customers in collaboration with the designers of the brand.

The current collections are the following: The Altitude Première, Officier an Pop-Art, The D15, The Mutiny and the newest one, The Palatine.

Alexandre Meerson is a French designer who founded his “Maison de Haute Horlogerie” in 2007. He designs watches for extraordinary women and men, people who create their own luck and have forged a destiny led by curiosity and humility. It is this strength of character that inspires lines and collections. It is this freedom that Meerson wears as a badge of honor to express its creativity. This is why Meerson thrives on the edge of convention, in the unrelenting search for individuality and unicity. The Meerson style reflects the designer’s duality, the constant tension between the powerful but delicate energies of imagination and creation.

The placement opportunity I had with Alexandre Meerson was a great chance for me to learn and develop my professional skills in both event management and marketing. Therefore, I consider myself as a very lucky individual as I was provided with an opportunity to be a part of it. I am also grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me through this internship period. This placement was for me the opportunity to develop new skills in several fields.

First of all, in the event’s planification, I started by created a retro schedule of all the deadlines we needed to respect for the organization of launching events, press meetings or private events with customers. Then, I made a lot of researches of information on the internet about competitors, ideas of events created by other brand that could match with Meerson company image. Later, I created different proposal to show to my manager in order to progress in the organizational process of events. Moreover, this experience brought me a lot of learnings about horology, most of all about the vocabulary because even in French I was not able to talk about technical details of a watch functioning.

Therefore, my first internship was really rewarding. I have now, a better idea of what is life in a company, what I would prefer to do in the future and what I really don’t like. I also understood how management is important in a company and how way of managing his employees can really impact the atmosphere and the work quality of a company. Since I would like to run my own company in the future, that is something I would like to know more about in my following internships

Author: Juliette Lapauw