Practical training in International Business

I’m Auxane, a French student who spent the two semesters of 2018 in JAMK and currently spending 2019 split into two internships. I started looking for the first few months before the end of 2018 and realised that it was quite hard to have answers from the companies where I sent my resume. I was looking into different fields (Human Resources, Marketing and Logistics) but no specific countries as I was more focus to have an interesting internship instead of restricting myself to a country.
I finally found my current internship in Sydney, being the logistic coordinator of a start-up importing and distributing premium wines and spirits across Australia called Noble Spirits. This company, launched in 2014 by a French guy, have a important portfolio of products coming from France, UK, USA, Italy and Australia.
For the first three weeks, I was on training with the previous logistic coordinator. There was a massive amount of knowledge about the company, the products and the processes to acquire in a very little time and I quickly had to work on my own. I’ve been impressed by how fast people trusted me and how many responsibilities I had from day1 of being alone in my job. My boss being the CEO of the company, I was completely independent of my work and had to plan my days and tasks by myself. The first month was pretty challenging as I still didn’t get quite well all the processes, but my colleagues help me and I finally succeeding to manage my days without feeling overwhelmed by my amount of work.
Finally, I can say that my freedom and independency made me learn so much and in a very fast and efficient way. I think this way of making the intern feel responsible of things and important is crucial, as it stimulated me to do my best in my work. I am really grateful for this internship, it was a real opportunity

Author:Auxane Billard