Article about my practical training

This summer(2019) I decided to work in drama theater production field in Russia. In the beginning of April I applied for the position of “CEO’s Assistant” in star-up theater and was successfully accepted. However, when I finally came to Russia and started to work my job title changed for “Producer” , thus the amount of responsibilities became higher and even more important. I was exited and frighten in the same time. Likely, I had a good support from the whole  team during all my period abroad.

Actually, not only my job title together with responsibilities changed, also the situation inside the company transformed dramatically. The company has lost its building where were the stage, place for rehearsals and keeping decorations together with all props thus the flow of money stopped completely and a lot of debts were left because of delays and cancellations of some performances. And from 13th of May story of my work began.

As you could understand from what is written below this job was really tough and full of stress, however, in the same time it was interesting and complicated in a good sense.

As in the company not a lot staff, for now, I have lots of responsibilities, for example:

  • To write business-plans, co-working and co-branding agreements and change them all the time according to investors and partners’ preferences,
  • To coordinate actors and directors
  • To make the schedule for rehearsals
  • To search for possible stages for rent, visit them and check if they respond to directors’ needs
  • To search for possible investors and partners
  • And etc.

Yes, situation inside the company wasn’t so good in the beginning of my practical training, but everyone in our team were doing their best to change it and, as a result, our theater “307 Studio” founded a permanent stage for rehearsals and after renovation we are going to sell tickets there. What is more, in autumn as a result of partnership with another theater company we sold tickets for 4 plays. I think it is a good result after complete disaster and it is really nice to know that you were a part of it.

To summarize, I became a producer in “307 Studio” as all directors, actors, and sellers believed in me and thought that I have a good potential. I was scared and exited in the same time, in my opinion, I was able to manage everything.

Due to the fact that I became a part of the company in very tough times my level of expertise has been growing really fast as I needed to keep in mind many tasks and deal with them. I can say for sure that I developed my personal skills such as stress resistant, time-management, multitasking, patient, communication and etc. Also, I might say that I has grown as a professional, I was able to apply the knowledge that JAMK has given to me through marketing, economy, event management, accounting courses.

I think that my biggest achievement during this practical training is that I will continue working in “307 Studio”, sometimes distantly as I am still studying in Finland, but with possibilities of 21st century it is possible. What is more, some meetings is already planned for my next visit to Russia (for example, with the art-director of Satiricon theater, we will discuss possible collaboration).

Author: Faizullina Polina