Blog post about internship

I started my internship as a Grow to Market (GTM) trainee in Kasvun Roihu in May 2019. I was super excited to be a part of an amazing team and to gain a real insight what internationalization requires. Grow to Market program focuses on providing the best guidance and help for Finnish SMEs that are planning on entering a new market in a different country. The target countries of GTM program are USA, China and Sweden. The whole business is based on creating reliable and broad connection network which will bring value for the company and for the customer. Therefore, I met a lot of new people during the summer, and there was a huge increase in the number of my LinkedIn contacts!

The best part of my practical training was that I was able to do something that I was really interested in. It is an incredible feeling to do something that you are passionate about. I was given a lot of responsibility and diverse working tasks. I was able to utilize my knowledge that I have learned at school over the years. My organizing and scheduling skills got better!

My main tasks during the internship were organizing a huge orientation workshop for all three target markets, USA, Sweden and China, and creating a Grow to Market Annual Report. The orientation workshop was arranged in Espoo in early June. Approximately 70 companies, our partners and growth experts attended to the event. Afterwards, my concentration was fully in creating the report. I was given a huge responsibility to do it and I believe that it was good practice for the fall when I am supposed to write my thesis.

All in all, I enjoyed working in Kasvun Roihu and the whole internship was a valuable learning experience. I did not only meet new people, but I made new friends.”


Author: Iina Tapio