This summer I had an interesting internship as a digital marketing intern in Globuzzer Social Network – a Swedish company in Stockholm. Unlikely to other students, I did not work in Sweden, actually I worked remotely, which looks like boring and unknowledgeable. However, it was quite active and more interacting.

First of all, I started my job with getting used to arranging and updating the online excel files and managing one of four main groups on Facebook. Sometimes I was quite struggling with online files because of some unclear steps, then I was totally acquainted to do it, I managed three main groups little by little under my colleague’s careful instruction.

After two official months, it was my confidence that I could control all of the groups on Facebook and work mainly in the platform of the company. Thanks for working in the platform, I could improve my professional communication skills and set up an individual strategy by myself to increase the number and engagement of members every week. Because we worked remotely and almost main tasks were related to technology, I had some chances to get used to working applications and time-managing applications.

If you think that there was a limitation in communicating when working remotely, it’s not true. In order to gain a positive impact and a good result, we had to chat with members every day to answer their problems and discuss with other marketers to create long-term plans in order to promote the growth.

All in all, thanks for my colleagues’ contribution, my internship was memorable. I can learn the professional manner from them and be acquainted to work in the international environment.

Author: Dang Phuong Thu