After Internship- Blog

When I started searching for a company to complete my internship at, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do.

My previous studies before coming to JAMK were financial management-based and since I had continued to explore my interest in the financial field through my academic track choice of Finance and Corporate governance, I wanted to find a company where I could utilize and develop these skills.

I was accepted to a local accounting firm Aallon Jyväskylä Oy (formerly Dextili Oy) that specializes in real estate- and construction companies.

I worked on the accounts receivable and was tasked with managing the real estate side’s rent accounts ledger. My responsibilities included handling incoming payments, reporting account and payment situations to the property managers and providing customer service relating to any issues or questions, as well as sending out bulletins to the shareholders and tenants of housing cooperatives.

Even though I was only an intern, I was treated as a full-fledged employee right from the start. My training was conducted very thoroughly, and I had help from many colleagues in getting used to and started in my new responsibilities. The work was challenging at times, but I was happy that I was given proper responsibilities where I could show my skills and learn the most from.

I gained valuable working life experience in the form of teamwork and communication, time management and task prioritizing as well as received insight to how the LEAN working model can be used. These I think were the most important skills I took away from my internship. I had the opportunity to work in a new environment that had a great focus on communication flow, discussion and problem-solving across teams and units. As well as continuous development of working practices and use of tools in order to keep improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Author: Christina Borén