After practical training

From July until October I worked in Säästöpankki Optia’s Jyväskylä branch. Optia is part of the Savings Bank Group which comprises Savings Banks Amalgamation and the companies and entities owned by the Savings Banks that are members of the Amalgamation.

I mostly worked the cash register as well as the info desk, sometimes I was assigned odd jobs as well. Each day at the info desk brought something new, and the range of matters to handle was wide: everything from simple cash withdrawals to issues with payments or cards to estate. The client may be a private customer or a company or an association. There is a lot of variety in the work and everything must be approached with a legal perspective which brings its own difficulties, but all the while makes it even more interesting.

This practical training has taught me especially lot about the legalities in the banking industry as well as all the work that goes behind the scenes. While working there, I was given the opportunity to participate in different meetings with clients such as an investment revision.

To conclude what I found important was the support and guidance from co-workers. In Optia it was encouraged to ask help whenever I had even the slightest doubt. This really made this practical training experience so good. I think I learned a lot and got to improve myself while working there as well as got a lot of valuable experience for the future!

Author: Kaari Nieminen