Blog Pirogov Ignat

During that summer, I was working in international company named ESPE. This a Russian
multinational company which operates in the sphere of furniture production.
Going forward, at the time when I worked at the company, ESPE began to develop its website.
It has updated many materials in there, national versions of websites were added. Considering
this, I received tasks related to marketing strategy of how we can promote their website. I also
shared my ideas on website in general (e.g. regarding design and interface) and worked on
texts for international website.
Spent two months working at ESPE, I had time to learn how modern big scale enterprise which
produces special materials functioning. Which also means that I learned how marketing and
sales departments are built in B2B company which produces and develops design solution for
their products. Additionally, I was briefly introduced to problems and obstacles which such big
scale family owned business might face.
Talking about more practical and applicable outcomes, I, as already was mentioned, developed
solutions for company’s goals, actively participated in work with information within the
company, acquired, developed, analyzed and created it.
Period of my practical training was a great time of learning how Russian companies doing
business. Also, that was my second time of working in international company. That was a great
experience and I think that was a great start for my future work abroad.

Ignat Pirogov