Practical Training in Czech Republic

During the summer 2019 I completed my internship in the travel agency – Student Agency k.s. situated in Brno, Czech Republic. is a part of Student Agency Holding which is the largest and most successful Czecho-Slovak company in transport and tourism. has been on the market since 2010 as an internet portal for selling package holidays. They co-operate with over 300 Czech, German and Austrian tour operators to provide their customers with a wide offering.

Throughout my time there, I worked as a travel agent. The goal of my everyday tasks was to find a suitable package holiday for my customer and sell it. I communicated with my customers mainly via telephone and e-mails. I learnt to work with company information system, improved and gained new valuable skills in customer service and gained professional knowledge about tourism industry.

To sum up, I would say that working here was a great experience, even though a rather challenging – It taught me different valuable things and developed my personality as well as my career-related skills. Every challenge or experience shapes and moves you forward and I wouldn’t change anything about this one.

Author:Martina Semanová