CSS internship at Brella Oy

Hi there! I’m Aynur and let me walk you through my short story of my internship experience as CSS at one of the greatest teams in Finnish startup environment.

I started my internship at Brella Oy, which provides the smartest and reliable networking solution for thousands of events around the world, on March 6, 2019. As the job description was pretty clear, it wasn’t that scary to start undertaking my duties as a Customer Success Support (yes, here is finally an explanation for CSS term J) representative. For example, one of the interesting points in the job ad was to be enthusiastic towards B-to-B enterprise software. At first, it seems to be very obvious point but when I actually started to undertake some tasks in my new role, I discovered many new things. For example, when there is a busy season and there a lot of things going on at the same time, if you want to maintain an image of a professional (as I believe all of us are at some point after we learn basic things at JAMK) you are not only supposed to deliver a high-quality support service to your customers but also stay enthusiastic as if not adhered it might affect on your own health or your relationship with the team.

Also, another important thing that I’ve discovered and suggest you to remember, no matter if you are looking for an internship, you are doing your internship, or already got the actual job always strive to learn more and develop your knowledge and skills. This attitude will not only benefit you as an expert but will be appreciated by your teammates and managers.

Long story short, my internship period was about 3 months, and I couldn’t imagine a better place for myself. As in any beginning with the new environment, there were some ups and downs. However, the team at Brella is not only good in delivering a high-quality product to their customers, but it is also outstanding in supporting its employees (true story). So, whenever I felt some stress or were about to start a new project (and didn’t know if I can do so), my team and managers were always there to support and embrace the beginnings!

So,  I’d love to say thank you to Brella family, for having me as their intern!


Author: Aynur Atayeva