I started my practical training in March 2018, couple of months after my exchange year had come to an end. Fortunately for me, this was a paid practical training which came in handy after living beyond my means for the past semester.

My practical training started with an introduction and training to Telia softwares and company’s policies. For the first week, I was mainly at Telia Talo in downtown Jyväskylä going through theoretical side of my job tasks. After the first few days I got to be actually on the field at Telia Kauppa Forum. The next week I went for briefing to Helsinki for couple of days, this was my Sales Agent inaugural.

After my briefing in Helsinki was over, I was certified Sales Agent. After this, I got to actually work in the store. My daily tasks consisted of serving the customers, generating sales to non-Telia customers and existing customers as well. GDPR was about to come in effect, so following the protocol and company’s policies was more than important.

For the first 3 or 4 weeks I had to rely to my colleagues for help on certain tasks, but after I had learned how to use the softwares etc. everything started to seem easy.

As a practical trainee, I can honestly recommend Telia not only as a practical training occupation, but as actual workplace too. Telia offers great opportunities to create a career internally, and being a Sales Agent is great way to start the path.

Author: Oula Valkeinen K0777