Internship at Live Nation

I got the opportunity to work for Live Nation in Spring 2020. I ended up moving to Helsinki as there was much more opportunities for me personally. I have always been very interested in music and the event industry so getting the opportunity to work at Live Nation was such a dream. It was great that I got to combine my studies and personal interests.

My main tasks at Live Nation included social media content creation and campaign planning. I was responsible for all their social media channels and social media calendar. I was very much encouraged to come up with my own things, to change things up so to say. Even though the world turned upside down during my internship, we changed along with it. It was great to see that side as well, how to develop and adjust to current situations.

During my internship, I learned so much about the music/event industry and gained valuable information. Everyone were incredibly supportive and helpful that it was truly such a pleasure to work with a group like them.

Author: Emmi-Julia Lepistö